Mama Is Still Here!

A mother and son's love passage through Alzheimer's disease with daily prayers and devotionals.

About Me

My background



I am an accomplished information technology professional and educator living in the St. Louis area with my beautiful wife, jealous dog and a very ugly student loan debt.  Also, the author of “Technology Planning for School Leaders” published by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Why did I start writing?


In 2008, I learned my mother suffered from Alzheimer's dementia and the resulting grief led me to start writing my thoughts down to help me process the news. Those thoughts became “Mama Is Still Here!” an inspirational tribute to my mother and a guide for those who find themselves in a similar situation. 

About book


Like so many other tragic circumstances in life, seeing a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s feels deeply personal, but involves struggles that are universal. In Mama Is Still Here! The book is about my mother’s experience with the disease now plaguing more than five million people in the United States captures both sides of the struggle. Throughout the book, readers gain a clear picture of who Daisy (the Mama in question) is. A great cook with a special skill for making coconut cake, the “family’s memory maker,” a doting mother and a loving wife; the woman at the center of the story shines through even as she sometimes fails to recognize those parts of herself. With this book, I celebrate all the things that make my mother special, while at the same painting a clear picture of the challenges most Alzheimer’s patients and their families face. For anyone who doesn’t know what to expect from an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, this book covers many of the basics.



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Excerpt from Chapter 1 - My Name is Daisy!

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Coping, Caring and Conquering your fears with Alzheimer's dementia.

Mama Is Still Here!

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A guide to coping, caring and conqueering your fears with Alzheimer's disease.

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Suzanne Corso

Mama is Still Here by Dr. Norris Roberts is a wonderful book about Alzheimer’s disease from a caretaker’s point of view. It is insightful, practical, loving, and companionate. It is written from a person who has walked the walk — Suzanne Corso, New York Times Bestselling Author of Brooklyn Story.
published by Simon & Schuster.
With Gratitude;
Suzanne Corso

Senior Advisor 

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