Xulon Press Introduces “Mama Is Still Here!,” Dr. Norris Lee Roberts Jr.’ Masterpiece About A Son And Mother Dealing With Alzheimer’s

Mama Is Still Here

Xulon Press recently introduced an important work from Dr. Norris Lee Roberts, Jr. that tackled the difficult subject of Alzheimer’s and the journey and mother and son take together as the disease progresses. The book is “Mama Is Still Here! A Mother and Son’s Love Passage Through Alzheimer’s Disease With Daily Prayers and Devotionals.” The book was published on March 15, 2013 and is currently available through XulonPress, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Mama Is Still Here!” has been very well received and is getting critical acclaim from those who have read it and view it as a seminal work for those dealing with Alzheimer’s. One recent reviewer summed up the feelings of many when he wrote, “I commend the author for telling this story as he did. This book is one of the most inspirational yet heart wrenching tales ever told and I’m so glad that I read it.”